About New England Security

New England Security’s unwavering dedication to service excellence solidifies our leadership position in the armed and unarmed security sector. As a premier security guard patrol service company, the cornerstone of our distinguished services is our cadre of employees. Our scrupulously vetted security officers, both armed and unarmed, remain an invaluable asset in our patrol services. With an undivided commitment, we emphasize recruiting officers of the highest caliber – individuals who epitomize professionalism, intelligence, and dedication. Our meticulous selection process ensures candidates are aptly suited to provide both armed security and event security, aligning with the elevated standards of New England Security and our esteemed clientele.

Our ongoing training initiatives span areas such as construction site security, executive protection, and event security. Moreover, as a trusted security guard patrol service company, we couple these with rigorous quality assurance protocols, ensuring our officers remain at the industry’s zenith.

Our exhaustive Quality Assurance Program, a hallmark of our standing as a top-tier security guard patrol service company, is an iterative process. It envelops custom-tailored security strategies for each client, from construction site security to executive protection. Regular evaluations and invaluable client feedback punctuate this process. Comprehensive security audits, specialized training sessions, and impromptu assessments ensure our personnel, whether in event security or executive protection, consistently meet the lofty service expectations synonymous with New England Security. This in-depth approach provides our clients with unparalleled peace of mind. Moreover, our management remains perpetually accessible, offering a responsive touchpoint for queries and concerns 24/7.

Our proficiency, combined with our vast resources, positions us as a leading security service company capable of deploying armed security, unarmed security, construction site security, and event security solutions across any location within the United States. The impressive trajectory of our growth, rooted in our reputation as a trusted security guard patrol service company, is a testament to our impeccable service quality in areas like construction site security and executive protection. New England Security, as a holistic security enterprise, offers a vast array of services, ensuring the safety of assets and individuals alike. Every assignment, whether it’s armed security at an event or construction site security, is undertaken with extensive expertise and unwavering dedication.

Furthermore, we hold due accreditation from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety Department of State Police Certification Unit, with the license number P-1740. Beyond our licensing credentials, we are bonded and insured. Each member, from our security guards to executive protection personnel, undergoes rigorous background checks, comprehensive screenings, and drug tests. Our inception, driven by a vision to redefine the paradigms of security, has witnessed our evolution into a respected security guard patrol service company. Originating in Boston, Massachusetts, our expansive services now extend across New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.