Loss Prevention Security Services

Our Retail Security Team will completely customize our loss prevention program to individual or corporate preferences, policies and guidelines. Training modules provide the officer with the primary responsibilities of the store-greeter position. Call us today and let us show you how we can help you to sink the shrink!

Loss Prevention Retail Security Services

Security Officer Greeter Service
New England Security’s Store Greeter Service is both a loss prevention and customer service program. It provides valuable components to deterring shoplifting through our professional and physical presence as store greeters. In this capacity, our Retail Security Officers interact with customers, vendors, and employees as they enter and exit a store, deter theft and vandalism, and identify and report policy violations to police and management. Our Retail Security Officers receive additional training on store-specific shrink issues so they are more aware of their surrounding environment.

For more information about our loss prevention security services call (617)-322-6372 to speak with an agent.

Retail Security Team (RST) will be staffed by well trained and well groomed professional proactive security specialists that will be responsible to provide the following:

  • Detect, deter, prohibit and eliminate aggressive panhandling tactics, like unwanted touching, blocking or following people/customers or using abusive or profane language outside, inside and around the storefront.

  • Our security specialist will help to provide a visual deterrent against shoplifting and theft from
    your store and property.

  • New England Security Specialists will deter and work to eliminate graffiti, refuse, damage and other vandalism to your property.

  • New England Security Specialists will assist in providing a more inviting environment for your employees, customers, and vendors.

  • New England Security will identify hazards; mitigate risks, loss and liability to your company.

  • Additionally our Retail Security Team we will maintain a constant presence at entrance.

  • Deter crime.

  • Greet customers and patrons.

  • Prepare incident reports.

  • Validate receipts as needed

  • Perform store tours and patrols

  • Observe, deter and apprehend shoplifters as requested.

  • Notify management and appropriate authorities of crimes against property or client.

  • Our Retail Security Team will be trained, qualified, and certified by our Corporate Loss Prevention Manager.