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New England Security Protective Services Inc.
is the leading supplier and installer of security cameras, digital video recorders and DVR security systems in Massachusetts, MA and New England. If you are thinking about adding a surveillance system to your home, business, office, facility or construction site then you have come to the right place.
We carry a full line of the greatest and latest technology with plenty of options to fit your needs and budget. We understand, and that’s why we offer complete security solutions, including security cameras, CCTV systems, DVR surveillance systems and other electronic security surveillance equipment.
Who Needs Security Cameras?
Times are tough, crime is on the rise and that makes it more important than ever to be sure that your home, office or commercial building isn’t at risk. You can reduce liability, mitigate risk and prevent crime by installing security cameras, digital video recorder equipment, surveillance cameras or a security systems. We’ll be happy to assist you in assessing your needs to ensure that your home or business is safely monitored and protected. For surveillance camera recommendations and other security accessories, you can check out this article about Where to Buy Security Guard Equipment and Security Guard Supplies. Some of the types of businesses that are turning to DVR surveillance systems are:
• Retail Shopping Centers
Theft can be bad for business, but if someone knows that they are being watched by security cameras, they may not even attempt to steal. In addition, if a theft does occur, a security camera will clearly show police who committed the crime. Security systems can help control inventory shrinkage, which will increase your profitability.
• Medical Facilities
Many times hospitals and other large medical facilities are spread out over a campus area, and that can make required security difficult in preventing things like child abduction. But with our security cameras, you can use IP network technology to link all of your digital cameras together. We have the ability to help you connect buildings remotely.
• Warehouses
Because they’re typically so large, warehouses can be a prime target for vandalism. But if intruders see high quality security cameras mounted on the building, they’ll understand that police will be able to identify them as intruders if they break in. False insurance claims are another problem that can be alleviated by installing security camera systems.
• Schools
Schools aren’t what they used to be with kids looking to buy and sell drugs, commit acts of violence against one another because of gang activities, and potentially even commit murder on campus in shooting sprees. But a DVR surveillance system will not only act as a deterrent, but will assist police in their investigations. This will allow the principle to run a school that offers a safe environment for both students and employees. Read this moving article with practical recommendations on How Schools Can Increase Security.

• Construction Sites • Government Facilities
The presence of security cameras in government offices and buildings is paramount. Make your transaction easier by working with someone who already is familiar with the requirements of government purchasing. We offer free project analysis, and are able to help move your project along by working with you on your proposal requirements for the committee. Here is a compelling read on better ways for the government to purchase security booths.
• Personalized Service is Our Promise
From security cameras to digital video recorder equipment; we offer high quality video surveillance products at everyday low prices. We’ve are always adding and evaluating our to our existing inventory of security cameras and other systems, making our selection simply unbeatable. Chain stores, commercial customers and homeowners approve of our top-notch services and innovative product lines. In addition, our customers tell us frequently that they appreciate our outstanding effort at handling their CCTV business. That’s because we make sure to always deliver what we promise, and promise what we deliver. The special care and attention that is required to improve on security cameras and other surveillance systems for business and home security equipment. We know that every customer is different, and we make it our mission to work hard and meet each individual’s need.
• Affordable Security is Key
Lastly just because security and protection is worth a lot, that doesn’t mean you should have to pay a lot for security cameras. At New England Security Service we have options for every budget, and will work with you to make sure that you get the best security system that you can for your budget. Quality security is not expensive it is priceless! We have great leasing options available as well!

Other Security Services and Security Equipment
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