Data Center Security
Boston Data Center Security Services

New England Security is one of few security firms that specializes in Data Center Security. Our officers must adhere to strict policies and procedures relating to Data Center Security.

This division is headed by former Google Security Asset Protection and Loss Prevention Director that brings years of experience working for Google overseeing and directing physical security operations at and across multiple Google Data Centers around the United States and Canada. Our Data Center Security Plan begins with officers manning all entry and exit points on the facility with access control being the focal point of the security operations.

Officers also are trained to provide fire watch and safety, emergency storm response, camera and systems monitoring, temperature control and monitoring, natural disaster training and response, flood and water prevention and response, and other security and safety services to your Data Center.

Data Centers have a unique set of security requirements. By hosting other companies IT infrastructure, data centers have a fiduciary responsibility to their clients to provide a secure facility and we work with our clients to minimize and mitigate risk, loss, and liability.

All types of corporations, including banks, oil and gas, government agencies and other financial organizations, trust all of their important and sensitive data to the third party data centers, such as Google, Amazon, Yelp, Yahoo, Facebook, Youtube, Microsoft, Instagram and Twitter just to name a few. In turn, the data center must be able to trust their security service company to provide highly trained, experienced, and knowledge professional proactive security officers that will keep their facility secure, safe, and operational 24/7/365 with a dedicated Security Protection Team such as New England Security.

We ensure the highest levels of compliance and audit our data centers to ensure that they are able to be compliant with federal, state and local regulations.

Our officers will give you peace of mind necessary to focus on your core business and ensure that we maintain a secure facility and prevent any unauthorized entry or breaches.

Trust the team the Nation trusts. The team that fortune 500 companies trust, and the team that over 50 data center managers and directors trust to protect their investments, property, equipment, and assets.