Blizzard of 2015 Slams New England Hard.
Now that the Blizzard of 2015 has slammed New England and moved on, the clean up begins. When you are driving in the next few days it definitely feel like your world has shrunk, and for the most part it has. With this much snow in the city there are not many places to put it causing plow operators to create very high snow banks. Police are warning motorists of decreased visibility from large piles of snow left over from  the recent historic snowstorm.

There is also an additional danger from pedestrians, who are walking in the street due to impassable sidewalks. Anyone walking in these areas should wear highly visible and reflective clothing to ensure they are visible to motorists. High snow banks can cause an array of problems for pedestrians and drivers alike. If you are a pedestrian, you don’t need to be told that not all sidewalks are clear and free, forcing you to walk in the street. When you approach a corner snow bank on foot, you need to look in every direction before proceeding. If you are driving please use extra caution when approaching a corner. Other cars can’t see like they could prior to the storm and pedestrians certainly can not see any oncoming cars.
the safety advice is really simple, just use common sense and take it slow.