Boston Security Guard Retail Security Solutions

  • Patrolling the store undercover as an ordinary shopper, watching for shoplifters Boston Retail Security Guards will keep a watchful eye.
  • Boston Security Guard Retail Security Provide a safe, secure shopping environment detaining any offenders where appropriate, calling the police to arrest them once detained
  • Boston Security Guard Retail Security Officers  remain covert during their shift or in uniform at your choice to minimize theft.
  • Boston Security Guard Retail Security Officers act as a liason between local police, managers, and employees maintaining good positive relations.
  • Boston Retail Security Guards and Officer report any incidents to the police and manager so the appropriate action can be taken against them
  • Documenting and filling out paperwork ensuring target are met.
  • Ascertaining and dealing with any problems with the security officers on site, ensuring that they are doing what is expected of them

Other potential duties

In some places you will not actually be working for a supermarket/shop as a loss prevention officer but with a security company. In this case you will act as a sort of emissary between the two companies, the manager of the shop you are working in will come to you if they are having problems with their assigned security officers and if they are not happy with them then they will want you to report that to the manager. In other words you will not only be a store detective but you will also be acting within a supervisory role also.

C.C.T.V may be in place in which case experienced agents will monitor for losses.

Retail Security Solutions Loss Prevention
Retail Security Solutions Loss Prevention