Emergency Security Guard Services

Security Guard Services

In these
uncertain times, protecting your business is
vital. The good news is New England Security
Guard Service can guarantee your company is
safe all throughout the day-everyday.
New England Security Service offers a wide
range of security solutions that help to
combat against security problems such as
thieves, vandalism and trespassers. Our
company is trusted  by Loss Prevention
Managers and Departments from coast to

A reliable emergency security service comes
highly recommended by insurance companies
especially if your company is located on a
large premise such as apartment complex,
shopping center, grocery store, retail store

Our emergency security services extend
throughout the United States, Hawaii,
Alaska, and Canada. We supply professional
and proactive security guards for your
business 24 hours per day and 7 days a week.
So, whether your business is a small
business, small retail shop or a national
retailer We are you nations security
service! Our team is here to protect you,
your property, your people, and your assets.

Our Promise to You –
Dependable & Fast Emergency Security

A fire a break-in or even a power outage can
strike at any moment. A hurricane, a
blizzard, a storm, tornado or any disaster
can strike causing broken glass, alarms
systems down and more. When you need
professional, proactive, protection. New England Security & Protection is all you
will need.

The job of our security guards is to respond
rapidly and arrive at your place of business
to provide protection against possible
threatening situations. Our state-of-the-art
dispatch command center is operational
twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week, 365
days a year!

Our services are customizable for any
security need your company may need. Whether
you need one guard on-site for a single
location or several security guards across
the area, we can provide them for you. We
have a fleet of marked and unmarked patrol
vehicles with emergency lights. We also
provide protection of your possessions,
facilities, and your staff members.

Our security team will work steadily with
you to establish and achieve solutions for
comprehensive security. For more information
about our emergency security services, call
or contact us today!