Expert Event Planning Management Service Team
 New England Expert Event Planning Management Service has created a division and event coordinator dedicated to assisting our clients such as yourself with other event logistics in-addition to security service. Whether it’s a trade show, conference, consumer show, seminar or board meeting, we provide the day-to-day administrative and program assistance your event needs with great attention to service and quality. As an association management company, we have extensive experience with a wide variety of events, helping us find the best solutions for your association’s event. Event Management Service has your best interest at hand.

Over the past few years working on and with marketing, event companies, road races, mud runs, 5ks, concerts, etc. we have found that many of our clients were finding it a challenge to not only find reliable, professional, security vendors, but site locations for events, barricades, radio rentals among other items. They would often ask for our assistance or many times hearing their concerns and frustrations we would offer to help. 

That’s when we decided to extend our reach, our offerings and our expertise. It has been a huge success. Our clients love the idea and simplicity of dealing with just one vendor, one invoice, and one partner they can trust to get the job done anytime anywhere in the US.
We have long standing relationships and contacts withing the service industry with many companies and vendors that specialize in these services. We now provide assistance with setting up form nuts to bolts. You can simply rent or borrow our equipment or we can take care of all the logistics for your event! Our Solutions include complete event management such as: 

  • Portopotty‘s,
  • Barricades/Temp Fencing,
  • Two-way radios,
  • Stanchions,
  • Tables,
  • Tents/chairs,
  • Food/beverage trucks and vendors,
  • Catering Service,
  • Site selection,
  • ATM Machines,
  • Staging,
  • Sound Lighting, DJ’s, A/V,
  • Transportation & Logistics,
  • Power Generators, Electrical,
  • EMT’s Fire Watch,
  • Police/Security Details,
  • Cash Management Couriers,
  • Hotel Accommodations,
  • Containers Storage,
  • Golf Carts,
  • Etc.

    Stanchion Rental Company Event Management
    Stanchion Rental and Delivery Setup and Event Management

Please let us know what we can do to help.  New England Expert Event Planning Management Service will set you in the right direction!