Massachusetts Snowstorm Preparedness
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The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) has advice for residents on how to prepare before a winter storm. Each storm may bring with it different conditions, including heavy snow, ice, and extreme cold. It is important to make decisions that help you and your family remain safe during severe winter weather.
Keep an eye on the forecast –
While Massachusetts weather can be unpredictable, weather forecasters will use
phrases such as a “winter storm watch” and a “winter storm warning” when a
snowstorm is approaching, or is imminent. There also may be a winter weather
advisory, which signals that the weather may be about to worsen. Blizzard
warnings are used for whiteout and heavy snow conditions.
PetSafety – Extra
precautions during winter months will make sure your four-footed family members
stay safe and warm. Keep in mind winter pet safety tips, and always bring your
animals inside when temperatures fall.
Create a Winter Emergency Kit –
During a major winter storm, you may not be able to make it to the store, or
stores could be closed for several days. Stock up on non-perishable foods,
bottled water, flashlights, radios, batteries, a first-aid kit, essential
medications, and other items your family may need in a winter emergency kit.
Prepare for Power Outages 
Winter storms with strong winds, heavy snow, and ice can bring power outages.
Learn how to prepare for power outages during cold weather. Charge all
cellphones and laptops before the storm approaches, purchase extra batteries
for your flashlights, and know how to use generators safely.
Compile a Winter Emergency Car Kit – Winter storms can leave you stranded in your vehicle, so it’s
important to have a winter emergency car kit. This can include
such items as a snow shovel, cellphone charger, food, water, and blankets.


Know where to get help 
Individuals who rely on electricity for medical equipment or receive in-home
medical care should contact their health care providers and electric companies
to learn about available options and services in case of a power outage or
winter storm.
Source of Information  MASS GOV