Safety on the 4th of July – Boston


New England Security’s top 9 tips for staying safe while traveling in large cities and crowds.

1. If you are traveling with a group of people through a city or large crowd, determine a meeting place. Whether you are planning on splitting up or not it is still a good idea to have a common meeting place just in-case. Is the place you are visiting within a building? Then we suggest determining two meeting places – one within the building and one without.
2. When carrying a bag or purse with you shorten the strap so that it fits snugly under your arm. Bags with zippers or pockets that are exposed in the back are an easy target for pick-pockets.
3. Evaluate your itinerary for the day and take only what you need. It’s always a good idea to travel with your ID, some money, and some water but anything else that you can leave in the safety of your hotel room, the better.
4. If you do need to carry a bag with you be sure that you do not rummage through your contents or count your money in public.
5. As much as possible, store valuables in your front pockets and try and not to mess with it. The front pockets of your pants or jackets are the safest place for your valuables as they are not so easily accessed by a thief and items are less likely to fall out.
6. Do as much research on your destination as possible and know what you are in for. Know how big the city, venue, or event is prior to arriving.
7. It is likely that there will be large crowds and many people trying to do or see the same things that you are. Be patient with those around you and anticipate having to wait in lines or navigate through crowds.
8. Make sure that you protect yourself by having your vaccines up to date and carrying hand sanitizer with you. Lots of germs and diseases can accompany large cities and crowds; Make sure your good health is a priority.
9. Remain vigilant and be on the lookout for behavior that looks odd or makes you uncomfortable. Make it a priority to stay away from suspicious activity.

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