Negligent Security Lax Security Insufficient Security Premise Liability Law

Negligent Security Lax Security Insufficient Security Premises Liability Law Negligent and insufficient security can come with a wide range of serious and even fatal consequences, from theft, robbery, and property damage to assault, rape, and murder. These claims stem from the legal theory of premises liability, under which a property owner is generally required to[…]

Uniformed Security Patrols and Protective Security Services New England Security Agency

Today’s ever-growing crime rateand budget restraints leave law enforcement unable to provide adequate protective services. Private security is the only alternative for providing the uniformed presence that is known to deter crime. A professional, uniformed New England Security Officer’s presence will eliminate costs involved with theft and vandalism and reduce insurance claims. In this day[…]

Holiday Safety Tips Boston New England Security

Boston and New England Security Welcome to Boston’s New England Security New England Security is a full-service security company with the professional experience and resources to provide superior protection and to maximize your infrastructure investment. To every security assignment, we bring decades of successful security management experience and a team of expertly trained security professionals.[…]

Boston Security Companies, New England Patrol Services

Vehicle Patrol ServiceAt New England Security and Public Safety our security vehicle patrol service is a deterrent to those who may trespass, vandalize or cause physical damage to your personal property or employees at the work place. The patrol services offered include alarm activation response, random patrol of premises, parking enforcement, lock-up and un-lock of[…]