The Money you Spend is the Money You Save.
Burglaries leading to larcenies can create a terrible situation for an organization.  Arson is another crime that can occur unexpectedly for the sole purpose of fulfilling somebody’s desire to commit the crime, usually pyromaniacs. When a company is broken into and has its assets unlawfully and unexpectedly taken from them, this can set the company behind both financially and operationally. The effects of such crimes can also have a negative impact on the local economy.

A uniformed private security guard will deter all of these crimes.  The services of the private security guard are cost-efficient for organizations because the majority of insurance companies, especially fire insurance, offer discounted insurance rates for those companies with private security guards on site.  Private security guards will not only deter the criminal activity for an organization, but the security guard’s presence will also save an organization money which may or may not exceed the entirety of the cost for a private security guard altogether.  Deterrence may not be greatly affected by the factor of whether or not the private security guard is armed or unarmed because the uniform and badge are usually the deterring factors.  The firearm is usually for the safety of the security guard for situations involving self-defense from severe and imminent bodily harm if it were to occur, which is determined on a case by case basis taking geographic location into account as well.

Investing in a private security company will give your organization or company the peace of mind to focus on productivity.