When will my street be plowed ?
It’s winter in New England. It’s going to snow, maybe a lot. Whenever there is a heavy snowfall, people want to know when it will be safe to travel again. They are concerned, of course, about the condition of emergency routes and major highways, but they are just as eager to know when they can expect their own neighborhood to be plowed. Many governments have information on the location, speed, and operating capacity of the vehicles they own, provided by embedded GPS technology. However, cities typically have little information on the whereabouts and capacity of contractor vehicles.
EastBanc has developed an easy-to-use app that can report and visualize in real time what’s happening in the field during a snow event. This cloud-based monitoring system, which runs on Microsoft Azure, can be used in a variety of scenarios, but right now it is being deployed to manage the road clearing function in the dead of winter.
This new solution from EastBanc Technologies is a great example of this: SnowTrax utilizes cloud-based data to allow cities and their contractors to monitor the location and work of all their fleet vehicles. By taking big data and compressing it into a small-scale scenario, EastBanc can send out this data to the community in a relevant fashion — for example, to track snowplows.
SnowTrax enabling tracking and visualization of snow clean-up operations on a big flat screen near you, managing the process more effectively and providing citizens and government with real time information.
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Jeff Friedman is the Director of eGovernment Business Development in the State and Local Government Solutions Group.