Why You Should Outsource Security Guard Services
5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Security Guard Services 

Business owners who are more efficient with their money and wise with their decisions are succeeding in this economy.
More and more businesses—including department stores, retail outlets, construction companies and more—are outsourcing security guard services with trusted security guard companies as a way to continue protecting their assets in a more affordable way. In fact, 70 percent of America’s largest companies report that one of their most important concerns is finding and retaining a quality contract security company.
Here are five reasons why outsourcing your security guard need is better than having an in-house service:
1. Lowering your cost. It’s elementary. Five guards from an experienced and trusted security firm, like New England Security, will cost less in the big picture than hiring five guards of your own. Much of it has to do with health and liability insurance reasons.

2. An outsourced firm administers the personnel. If a department store, construction company, or other business needs a security guard staff, there are administrative duties linked to that responsibility as well. When you outsource the service, the stresses of hiring and scheduling a staff are relinquished to the firm.

3. Requires no union involvement. A trusted security firm’s staff is highly trained and highly qualified to provide the services needed without having to negotiate internally with unions.
4. Provides staffing flexibility. A strong security guard company, like New England Security, is able to provide services around the clock at the times that are most important to you.
5. Impartially performs security duties. Hiring an outside firm will eliminate any accusations of bias or favoritism. We are hired to do a job and our only concerns are to do the job right and to your liking.
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