Workplace Violence Employee Termination Security

Employee-Termination-Terminating an employee is one of the most difficult steps an employer or supervisor can take, and it should not be taken lightly. Workplace Violence Security protects you your co-workers, and colleagues for the threats and dangers of hostile employees that make threats to the workforce

Every termination meeting should be planned carefully with management, human resources , and security. Being proactive and preventing workplace violence before it happens is crucial and critical in preventing violent acts, threats or attacks to take place in the work-place. Many employees that get fired or terminated can often become angry or frustrated and create a hostile and potentially dangerous work environment. No matter what you no longer have to worry. New England Security Protective Service will remove all those worries. Our expertly trained team of Security Protection Specialists are there to assist you for however long you may need or want to. We are not going to assign just a uniformed security guard that is untrained. Based on the level of threat and what is involved we will place off-duty cops, former or active police officers, federal agents and other well qualified security personnel. Our team are experts in this field, well-trained and qualified to deal with any situation that may arise. Our security specialists can be armed, in plain clothes, business casual, suit and tie or uniformed. We will work with you to evaluate and determine your needs. Don’t place the safety and risk of you or your staff in the hands of a “Security Guard” Let our experts do what they are trained to do and do best. We guarantee 100% completed satisfaction in our services. All clients will personally interact and deal with our “Workplace Violence Security Specialists.”. Additionally our Private Investigation team can provide a complete comprehensive report on the employee to determine additional threats, if employees has any registered firearms and other important data that would assist in protecting you and your team! Call us today and we can discuss your needs confidentially anytime 24/7: (617)-322-6372. Workplace Violence Employee Termination Security is a real threat and we must not be negligent in protecting our employees and colleagues from this danger.